Ahmedabad Specials

One of the best cities to live in India- Ahmedabad, is an amalgamation of the old and the new! This city is unparallel when it comes to growth and progress. So we decided to extract some of the best and the weirdest combinations of this city for you. These specials will track down what's hot in here! So keep reading...

A Day at Ahmedabad Railway Station

Railway Station in AhmedabadHave you ever visited a Railway Station?

And what about Ahmedabad Railway Station?

Read the personal account of Vatsala and her family who visited Ahmedabad Railway Station on their journey to Delhi and what all she experienced here on this junction.

Disneyland of India

Disneyland in IndiaEver saw Disneyland on Television and wished for it in India?

Well, I think God heard your prayers.

Get to know about the Disney Park of Ahmedabad which will fulfill your wishes of meeting your favourite Disney characters and getting clicked with them.

Weird Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Weird RestaurantsWould you like to sit besides the dead and have food?

Would you like somebody else to pay for your food bills?

Would you like to get a ride with your platter?

Well all of this is possible here in Ahmedabad!

So come and explore more about them./


Ahmedabad- A Model City of India

Ahmedabad the model city of IndiaDo you think Ahmedabad is a model city?

(No, I am not talking about something related to fashion!!!)

Jokes Apart, a 'Model City', is an ideal city, which has a perfectly devised plan of administration and other services for its prosperous growth in all sectors! This can become an example which other cities can follow for development.

Let's see why do newspapers and news channels often keep Ahmedabad on top of the list!

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