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Visa Hanuman Temple Ahmedabad

This one is bizarre, but is one of the most fascinating and media-covered destinations in the city of Ahmedabad.  You may choose to visit here for the reason that most people do i.e. Visas; or just to offer your prayers; or to see the beauty of this 400 year old temple. To each, the reasons may be different but there’s devotion that unites all.

Visa Wale Hanuman Ji Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Visa Hanuman Temple
Visa Hanuman Temple: For Eternal Blessings on Materialistic Things...

Legend about the Temple

Lord Hanuman had quite a love for flying, and Indian mythology has episodes after episodes of his adventures in the air. Not to forget the famous incident where Lord Hanuman thought of the sun as a fruit and flew towards it to take a bite from it or his famous flight to Lanka on Lord Ram’s directions to present the Lord’s ring to his abducted wife Sita or even the air-lifting of an entire mountain when he went in search of the ‘Sanjivani’ to save the life of lord Laxman wounded at war. Well the flying monkey God has been engaged in more aerial miracles and blessings for the past several decades in the city of Ahmedabad.

Significance of the Temple

At first this may sound absolutely bizarre to you, but the Hanuman temple in the narrow lanes of Desai ni Pol is no less than a monument of miracles. The Hanuman idol has lived to bless its devotees for decades; over 250 years to be precise. And it may also interest you to know that the deity of the Khadia temple is said to have 100 per cent record in expediting overseas travel.

Lord Hanuman may have flown all over the world without the hassles of any Visa procedures, but his devotees in the contemporary world sure have to battle long queues, strict rules and endless procedures to make their dream flight. So in a blessing of sorts, he is said to have helped his devotees get their Visa power from this humble yet erstwhile temple in Khadia.

This is the most popular temple that is considered as a means of getting Visa with the blessings of the revered Hanuman deity. Thousands of people from all over the world visit here carrying their passports and filing papers. The Pandits here, guarantee 100% visa sanction for any foreign country and that again without any kind of processing or consultancy charges. 

'Visa Hanuman' as he is fondly called attends to the needs of dozens of visa aspirants every day, bringing sunshine to their foreign ambitions. The temple is brimming with people and is packed with nearly 750 people filing their appeals for his consideration.

The ‘Visa Hanuman’ who had administered several miracles over the decades from his 400 year old humble abode in the Pol, very recently began blessing his devotees with his assistance over their Visa issues. They submit the visa papers for Hanumanji's approval on a platter containing additional precious offerings as a token of their thankfulness. Every Saturday, of the 4000 devotees who throng the temple, more than fifty per cent are visa-seekers, who come praying for visas.

So while visiting the city of Ahmedabad, if you have a foreign trip at the back of your mind, this is one place you wouldn’t want to miss. And even if you have no immediate or future travel plans, this is one unusual place you would like to visit just for the sheer faith and belief that the hundreds of devotees have in the Monkey God and his Visa power.

Quick facts:

Siddheshwer Chamatkarik Hanuman mandir, 1832, Desai ni pole, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Pin Code - 380001

Timings: Open all seven days of the week, from dawn to dusk. Saturdays are a little crowded, but it is also the best day to see the temple premises in full bloom.

E-mail: info@visahanuman.com

Photography: Free and unrestricted

How to reach Visa Hanuman Temple Ahmedabad

The temple located in Khadia is very close to the Raipur gate. You can take an Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) bus from Lal Darwaza depot, heading towards Sarangpur bus depot or vice versa. Desai ni Pol is also very close to the Kalupur Railway Station. It is also very well connected by rickshaw and taxi systems.

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