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Sports in Ahmedabad

Sports refers to activity involving physical or mental exertion in which an individual or team competes with each other. A sport is the activity which is liked by each and every individual either to participate or to view as an entertainment. Ahmedabad, a hot city of Gujarat is no exception for such individuals and it houses variety of sports activities.
Sports Environment in Ahmedabad

Cricket in Ahmedabad

In general sense, Cricket is a game comprising of bat and ball, played between 2 team of 11 players each. Cricket in Ahmedabad is the most sought after sport. Ahmedabad is a city which houses the most important cricket stadium named after ‘Sardar Patel Stadium’ or ‘Motera Stadium’. This stadium has hosted many One Day International  matches during World Cup namely
  •      1987 Cricket world cup wherein India won the ODI by 7 wickets.
  •      2011 cricket World cup wherein India won the ODI  by 5 wickets
The stadium has also evidenced many records namely
  • Scoring by Saurav Ganguly 144 runs out of 152 runs.
  • Kapil Dev has secured 10 wickets out of 6 matches.
Sachin Tendulkar finished off his 20 years of international cricket only on 16th November 2009 against a match with Srilanka. Significantly, this stadium has hosted nearly 19 international cricket matches. Hence it is less imperative to say that cricket is welcomed well in the city.

Football in Ahmedabad

Football as the name implies is a game played by kicking a big ball with legs and played between 11 players of 2 teams each. Football is considered as the most popular game after cricket. Ahmedabad District Football Association (ADFA) is the apex institution for promoting football in Ahmedabad. ADFA conducts league matches for both senior and junior level players. In addition to the league matches, sponsored tournaments are also conducted regularly by ADFA on 20-20 basis. Most important sponsored tournament is Madhavan memorial 20-20 football tournament conducted since 2006. Many sponsors are coming up to take new initiatives like 'Conducting innovative football tournament namely Cage10 kickoff'.
Ahmedabad also houses many football clubs to promote the football and to encourage football players. One of the prominent football club in Ahmedabad is FC, Dynamos formed by some of the amateur football lovers in 1996.

Badminton in Ahmedabad

Badminton is a game played wherein a shuttlecock is hit back and front with two rackets held by two players. Badminton is considered as a game as well as an exercise in Ahmedabad. Hence the city gives place to many badminton clubs, both governments sponsored and private. Ahmedabad became popular for badminton when Anoushka Parikh won the Asian Sub- junior Bronze medal. Ahmedabad also houses prominent badminton courts like Rife club at Khanpur, Ellis Bridge Ghymkhana at Ellis Bridge.
Many of the sports goods for badminton are made available at Gujarat Sports located at Ambavadi, Ahmedabad. Thus it makes clear that badminton is considered as a game as well as a pride for Ahmedabad.

Basketball in Ahmedabad

Basketball is a game played between team comprising of five players each and goals are said to be scored when the players throws the ball into the hoop fixed at the end of the court. Ahmedabad houses the prominent YMCA international Centre which has hosted many basketball matches. Not only basketball matches, Ahmedabad is known for the basketball coaching given in the city. Many Renowned coaching institutes are engaged in giving training to players like Triumphant Institute of Management (TIME) and many more. Some of the school’s basketball teams have also participated District level S.A.G tournaments and won medals namely St.Kabir School, Naranpura in U-19 Basketball tournament.

Carrom in Ahmedabad

Carrom is a game wherein score is given for strike and pockets, played with the help of big board and coins. Carrom is an indoor game and played generally among friends and relatives. But Ahmedabad has an exception to the general rule. Ahmedabad houses many Carrom Sports club in area like Vasna. And Ahmedabad is known for the manufacturers of carrom board in areas like Rakhial, Chaman Pura, Odhav, etc., thus we come to know Carrom is considered as a game to share joy and stories with fun.
HockeyHockey in Ahmedabad: Hockey is a game played between 11 players of two teams each, wherein a hard ball is to be thrown into the net at the opposite end of the field with the help of hooked sticks. As hockey is India’s National game, it plays an important role in Ahmedabad. In order to revive the importance of the game hockey, Baroda District hockey association conducted six-a- side –night hockey tournament wherein Ahmedabad makes a mark by participation and contributing to national game. Ahmedabad houses many hockey clubs namely NEO hockey club and conducted many tournaments.

Tennis in Ahmedabad

Tennis in Ahmedabad has become the most practiced sports activity ever. There are many number of tennis academies and coaching centers that work dedicatedly to teach the sport to people of all age-groups, especially children and young people. The increasing demand of tennis coaching in the city has led to increase in the number of such coaching centers.

Table Tennis in Ahmedabad

Table tennis is an indoor game played with small bats and ball within two players. Ahmedabad has started to host national level tournaments for table tennis. During the year 2011, 72nd junior and youth National & inter- state table tennis championship was conducted at Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad also houses many coaching classes for the game players.

Golf in Ahmedabad

A sport played in an open space in which a small ball is focused and thrown with a stick into certain determined holes. The Ahmedabad Elite Golfers Association established in 2006 was formed to encourage golf among golf lovers. Ahmedabad is also offering many golf courses to bring out trained golf players. Moreover many of the resorts located in the city of Ahmedabad offers golf court facility for their visitors.

Others Sports in Ahmedabd

Ahmedabad also encourages sport activities like shooting, long marathons, volleyballs and squash. City houses many clubs and coaching institutes to encourage the sport in the city. Ahmedabad being a metropolitan city not only encourages the commercial activities, but also acts as a best place for sporting activities. It is more imperative to say that Ahmedabad boosts the players to place the name of the nation not only inside the state, but also in Global front.

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