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Sidi Sayed Mosque Ahmedabad

There is something mystical about this 16th century creation, standing majestically amidst the hustle and bustle of the old city area of Ahmedabad. There serenity of this mosque, takes to you so beautifully, overpowering all the noise created by the vehicular activity and honks from the busy roads that surrounding it on all four sides. 

Considered to be one of the holiest places in the world, the Sidi Saiyed mosque is located in the Lal Darwaza area in the old city in Ahmedabad. Sidi Sayed is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a prominent place of worship for the muslims in the city of Ahmedabad. It was the last mosque built by the sultanate in Gujarat and is also regarded as one of the holiest places in Gujarat.

Sidi Syed Mosque
Sidi Sayed Mosque: From a slave's labor of love and devotion to a world renowned monument!

Structure of Sidi Sayed Mosque

The fable behind this piece of art dates all the way back to the year 1573. The most is the labour of love, devotion and art, conceived and built by by Sidi Sayed, who was said to be a slave of Sultan Ahmad Shah. The construction and architectural design of this Indo-Sarcenic architectural marvel includes ten semi circular windows, gorgeously enhanced by the by the magically intricate meshes (Known as jali's in local language) adorning them.

Sidi Syed ni Jaali

Sidi Syed ni Jali

These meshes known as "Sidi Sayed ni Jali", are known worldwide for their skilled patterns and extremely intricate stone work on the mesh making it a one of its kind in this world.  This skillfully carved mosque is truly the one of its kinds in the whole world. The completely arched Mosque has jalis on the arches to the sides and the back wall of the building. 

The two windows, that are considered a great piece of art are carved in the design of a tree with palm leaves and curved tendrils. These wonderfully carved windows showcasing the delicate inter twining of the branches is the world renowned Sidi Saiyed Jali. Wooden replicas of the designs of these windows are kept in the New York and Kensington museums. 

The two bays by the central ramp have stone carvings in designs of intertwined trees and foliage of the Kalpa tree (which is a Hindu motif), a parasite and a palm motif. The main hall of the mosque is divided into two parts by the several pillars. The semi circular jalis (screens) are quite a sight while you are sitting in gardens space surrounding the mosque.

The wall of Sidi Saiyed's Mosque Ahmedabad is ornamented with stone pierced panels in geometrical designs. This mosque was once part of the city wall.

The mesh at Siddi Saiyed often used as a symbol of the city of Ahmedabad. One often sees them on the posters and souvenirs related to the city.  It finds place in the logo of the Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad, the premier institution for management studies in the country.

Best Time to Visit

The best time therefore to visit Ahmedabad is during the winter months of October to March when the climate is extremely pleasant.

The months between April and June (summer period) should be avoided due to the extreme temperatures. The weather in summers is very dry temperatures soaring as high as 44 degrees. The rains hit Ahmedabad in June and monsoon lasts till September.

How to Reach Sidi Saiyed Mosque

Visitors can take the city buses (AMTS) heading towards Lal Darwaza and alight at Roopalee Cinemas or Lal Darwaza bus depot.

Sidi Saiyed Mosque, Near Relief Road, Lal Darwaza, Ahmedabad
Open Days: All days of the week
Timings: From dawn to dusk
Entry Fee: Free and unrestricted entry

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