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Rani Roopmati Mosque Ahmedabad

Generally Mosque refers to the place of worship of Muslims. Generally mosque will be decorated with elaborate texts from Koran, sacred teachings of Muslims. One of the significant mosque found in the city of Ahmedabad is Rani Rupmati Mosque. The Rani Rupmati Mosque is located in the northern part of Ahmedabad in a place called Mizapur.

Roopmati Masjid Ahmedabad

History About the Mosque

Rani Roopmati and SultanRani Rupmati Mosque is constructed after the Rani Rupmati, Hindu singer and shepherdess belonging to Malwa. Mosque is a dedicated piece of love between Rani Roopmati and Sultan Baz Bahadur, Independent ruler of Mandu. Sultan Baz Bahadur is a lover of music came for hunting and fell in love with Rani Rupmati when
  • Hearing to her soft voice while she was bathing at Narmada river. Looking at her enchanting beauty
Rani Rupmati went with Bahadur and was married according to Hindu-Muslim rites. The poetic love story of Bahadur and Rupmati went to an end when one of the invader named Adham Khan sent by Akbar reached Mandu during 15th century. Sultan Baz Bahadur got defeated by Adham khan and fled to Chittogarh for help. When Adham Khan decided to capture Rani Rupmati looking at her adorable beauty, she poisoned herself and met with death. Later Sultan Baz Bahadur was spared and he joined Akbar’s force.

Collections of Poems

During 15th century, Muslim king named as Ahmad-ul-Umri-Turkoman collected all the poems of Rani Rupmati and included in the work of her story. Later, the piece of collection was passed on to the future generations of the king and reached  C.E.Luard who translated it into English under the title ‘The Lady of the Lotus –Rupmati , queen of Mandu- a strange tale of faithfulness".

Structure and Architecture

Roopmati Mosque AhmedabadRani Rupmati Mosque is constructed by Sultan Baz Bahadur. And he named the mosque after his beautiful wife Rani Rupmati. The architecture of the mosque is a combination of Islamic and Hindu style and designs. The combination can be visualized from the domes which depict Hindu style and the prayer halls which depict Islamic culture and designs.

The mosque is designed and characterized by three domes and each such dome is supported by a separate brilliant pillar. The mosque is known for its Indo-sarcenic architecture. 

Each of the domes is connected to each other with a help of flat roof. The domes are placed in such a way that it allows sunlight inside the entire mosque. When one enters through the entrance, one can have a magnificent views through the windows located in the balcony.
Some of the mosques located next to Rani Roopmati mosque are
  1. Mosque of Muhafiz Khan and 
  2. Saiyad Usman Mausoleum
These mosques are known for their well-structured minarets. However Rani Rupmati Mosque lost many of its minarets in the earthquake occurred during 18th century.

Present State of the Mosque

In the present context, Rani Rupmati Mosque is considered as a symbol of love, music and Monument in the city of Ahmedabad. Moreover, the mosque is named and famed as Masjid-e-Najina making it a unique artistic and cultural monument representing love and music.

No doubt, Rani Rupmati Mosque is an embodiment of love and poetry symbolizing 15th century’s lifestyle is a place to view, nurture, enjoy and care for.

Location of the Mosque:
Rani Rupmati Mosque
Mirzapur, Bhadra,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001

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