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One Day Trip from Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, also known as Amdabad, boasts of a rich cultural and literal heritage. Buzzing with activity and throng with people of various interest and professions, it is a city worth visiting. Nestled in the state of Gujarat this city is of great historic importance because of being the birthplace of the pioneer of Indian Independence Movement, Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi. Built by Sultan Ahmed Shah it became his capital in the year 1411 AD.

The Gujarati community of this city is basically tradesmen adding to the revenue of India and producing enterprising business stalwarts who are a name to reckon with in the world economy.

Ahmedabad in One Day

The city has witnessed the rule of many dynasties right from the Sultans to the British who have ruled the city from 1818 and had made it a military cantonment in the year 1824. It was only after Independence in the year 1960 that Ahmedabad became the capital city of Gujarat. Famous for its woven textiles which are unique with traditional dyes, it is a hub for shoppers and a haven for enterprising businessman.

Places to Visit near Ahmedabad in One Day

Ahmedabad with its varied beauty holds the status of delivering both cultural and traditional hubs which can be visited in your one day trip. The special attraction in Ahmedabad can be taken over by the places around the city where you can stick to the places that can be reached in a few hour drives. Some of those places are noted below:

Rann Riders

The very first place includes the Rann Riders; it’s a safari resort that provides you to enjoy a jeep safari in the little Rann of Kutch that can be reached in just around 2 hour drive from the main city. Other than the jeep safari you can enjoy bird watching in the nearby wetlands and lakes. 

Rann Riders is the perfect holiday destination for a family get together with an extensive highlight of embroidery shopping. It has the special attraction site of Modhera Temple, Sun Temple of Bahuchraji or you cantravel thorugh the history with Munsar Tank built in 12 century.

Gorbandha Camp

It is approximately two hour drive from Ahmedabad that lets your cherish the garden mansions of the late Nawabs of Balasinor and highlights the fossils of the dinosaurs. It also provides an excursion tour to Dakor, Vanakbori Dam, hot spring at Tuwa-Timba. This place is also considered for the college and school educational excursions with science and geography field trips.

Bhavani Villa in Danta

It is also a special attraction present at around three hour drive from Ahmedabad. It has the jungle trials where you can enjoy horse riding, hiking, cycling and can go for the jeep safaris. This place also offers some of the oldest Jain temples and the historic monuments of Vadnagar. These drives are meant for the wildlife lovers, bird watchers and of course for the people planning family get together.

Darbhanga Poshina