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Manek Chowk Ahmedabad

Manek Chowk Market in Ahmedabad
Manek Chowk - One Market, Several Characters

If you are a shopping enthusiast, Manek Chowk is your place to be in the sunshine of the day; and if you’re a foodie, then this square is your heaven by night. Manek Chowk is the most popular market and a favourite hang-out place in Ahmedabad. A plethora of historical structures surround it. 

It is one market that performs various roles as a market as in the morning it is a typical sabzi bazaar selling all kinds of vegetables. By afternoon it turns out to be a gold market and a place ideal for shopping. By the evening, you will find various aromas spreading everywhere as now it turns to a market serving all kinds of delish street-food items, you can enjoy all sorts of yummy flavours here.

The Legend

Manek Chowk got its name from Sant Maneknath who was associated with Ahmed Shah I during the time he built Bhadra Fort in 1411. He helped him in building the fort. As per the amazing legend Baba Maneknath used to weave one mat during the day while walls of the fort were being constructed, he then would secretly unweave that mat at night, and the walls of that fort crumble down magically. 

On finding this out, Ahmed Shah invited Maneknath to his court and asked him to prove his powers in front of him. Maneknath proved by getting into a kettle. Ahmed Shah sealed the kettle so that he could not come out of it, ever. 

Manek Chowk Today

Today, a memorial temple stands in Manek Chowk, that was named in the honour of  Baba Maneknath. It is the first parapet of the fort that is given his name, called Manek Burj, located at the eastern part of Ellis Bridge. This scuttling part of the city, located right at the centre performs the role of many kinds of markets.

The buzz is always there, whether it is just the start of the day when vegetables are sold here, or it is afternoon when all you get here is exclusive jewellery or it is evening, the most exciting part of the day when numerous aromas float in the air.

The jewellery market in the afternoon is considered to be the second biggest in India, with an apparently 3 million rupees of annual turnover.

Street Food in Manek Chowk in AhmedabadIt is most famous, however, for its food stalls that start to emerge around 8 in the evening, with various local street snacks hold equal importance for tourists who simply go munch-munch on them, savoring the local Gujarati flavors. 

Even the common food bazaars have adopted traditional ways of presentation as dining tables have been replaced by traditional mats. You also may find connoisseurs sitting with their legs crossed to enjoy the wide range of delicacies being sold here.

Shopping in Manek Chowk has been very enjoyable especially for the ladies, who just shop and eat and leisure around with family and friends. An ideal outing that has so much in it, to enjoy, Manek Chowk is the place to be!

Quick Facts:

Location: Manek Chowk, Old City, Ahmedabad
Open: Seven days of the week

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