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Gota Village

Gota is a village near Ahmedabad, which is more popular as a census town because of the minuscule population that it is comprised of. Gota is called a census town meaning a type of city or town that is able to satisfy certain distinctiveness, depending on that particular country in which it is located.

Gota Village near Ahmedabad

Location of Gota

The exact location of Gota is Vadali which is situated in the Sabar Kantha district of Gujarat. Gota is among the fifty six villages located in the Vadali block along with villages such as Vadgamda and Nadri.

Census Town - Gota

In India, Gota is considered as a census town because it lacks a municipal entity that is notified but at the same time it also possesses a crucial rural population that counts. A census town or a city in India is one which does not have a municipality but possesses a population that is considered to be normal. The major characteristics of a census town or city are the following:
  • Population that exceeds 5000 people.
  • Minimum 75% and more men employed in activities or work apart from the agricultural sector.
  • Population density that should be minimum 400 people per kilometer.
Gota is a village in Ahmedabad that satisfies these characteristics and is therefore considered as a census town. Apart from Gota, there are other cities and towns in India that have been selected as census towns and cities namely Begampur in the state of West Bengal, Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Amini in Lakshadweep.

Population of Gota

According to the 2001 census, Gota consists of a population of 13,837 people. There are 54% males and 46% females comprising the population. The literacy rate of the town is 72% which is a good rate because it is higher than the national literacy rate which is 59.5%. 

The male literacy rate in Gota is 79% while the female literacy rate of the town is 64% and this can be taken as an improved and better version of the literacy rates found in other cities and tons of India. The literacy rate of the population of Gota speaks about the development taking place in Gota and this is definitely praiseworthy. The nearby villages of Gota are Parvath, Medh, Vivav, Dharod and Kanadar.

Occupation of People in Gota

The main occupation of the people of Gota is mainly agriculture but because of the recent changes that have taken place in the entire area, there are some people who have shifted their attention from agriculture to some other means of occupation. 

There are people who are trying their hands in various kinds of arts and handicrafts such as embroidery on clothes, embroidery done of various kinds of items such as torans, horses, elephants and puppets made out of colorful cloths and having mirrors attached to them. The art and the handicraft of Ahmedabad is very famous throughout India and even around the world and it is only because of the wide scale profit in this field, that the people of Gota are trying their hands in small scale industries rather than occupying themselves in agriculture.

Gota is a very small village in Ahmedabad but it speaks of the culture and the tradition that is widely followed throughout the state of Gujarat.

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