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Driving Licence in Ahmedabad

Driving license is a license that is needed for driving a four wheeler of any kind in a particular area or city or state and even country. An individual needs to be a professional driver in order to hold a permanent license for driving.

How to apply for driving license in Ahmedabad

In India, people can get driving licenses’ very easily but it would be a great problem to get a driving license abroad because there are certain rules and regulations that are quite difficult to manage abroad. In India, a person who seeks a driving license needs to clear one practical and one written test that is considered to be enough for the attainment of permanent driving license. 

But the situation is completely opposite abroad where an individual intending to get a driving license has to clear a number of tests and failing in the tests would require an individual to reappear again and again. 

In India and in several states of India, the rules and regulations pertaining to traffic are not very strict in comparison to the western countries and it is only because of this reason that getting a driving license in India or in any state of India is not a big deal. There are many car drivers in India who are not completely aware of the traffic rules that they need to maintain but there are some important rules that are required to be followed in getting a driving license even in India.

General Rules for the License

There is a specific process that an individual needs to go through while trying to behold a driving licence and this process is the same in various parts of India. Gujarat is one of the largest states in India and Ahmedabad is a city that speaks of the culture and the beauty of Gujarat. Ahmedabad is famous for its industries and its people. Due to the emergence of a number of industries in Ahmedabad, the people over here are mainly businessmen who deal in various kinds of small and large businesses. 

Every individual in Ahmedabad, barring a few, owns a four wheeler but it is not important that all of them would be aware of the traffic rules and would be able to drive safely. Such people also get a driving license in Ahmedabad because of the fact that the rules and the process of getting a driving license in Ahmedabad is not very strict and tough. The process of getting a driving license is the same throughout India and the same applies for Ahmedabad also.

The very first thing that is needed to be done in getting a permanent driving license in Ahmedabad is clearing the written exam which consists of objective type questions based on the rules of traffic. If this exam is cleared successfully, an individual gets the learning license which is valid only for a period of six months. 

Within the time span of six months, an individual needs to learn the process of driving in order to clear the practical exam that can be applied for, once an individual is able to learn the skills of driving quite successfully. A police professional is assigned to take the practical exam and this is done by the driving licence authority. Every state in India has a separate authority for the issue of driving license and the very first thing that an individual should know is the authority that issues driving license in their state or area.

Getting a Driving License in Ahmedabad

In Ahmedabad, the Transport Department of the Government of the state is entrusted to issue driving license to the public. The Transport Department is not only responsible for the issue of driving license but at the same time this department is responsible for providing a good transportation system to the people of the state, registration of vehicles, controlling the vehicular pollution, collection of taxes for roads and issues of various kinds of permits. 

There are some other responsibilities that are also carried out by the Transport Department such as co-ordination, regulatory functions, monitoring, policy-making and implementation.

There is a step by step process that is required to be followed in getting a permanent driving license and even an international driving license in Ahmedabad and the steps have been enumerated below:

Step-wise Process for Getting Learner’s Driving License

  • Nowadays, people trying to get a driving license can register themselves online for the attainment of driving license and this can be done by browsing the internet and opening any website that offers the form for online registration.
  • The application form needs to be filled in and this will generate an application number that is considered to be very important.
  • After filling in the application form, the form needs to be submitted by clicking the ‘submit’ button which would display a message saying ‘your application is saved successfully’. The application number must be noted before submitting the form.
  • Next, an appointment should be fixed for the written test for learner’s license and in order to fix this appointment an individual should choose “appointment for LL test” under the transaction section.
  • A slot must be booked for the test where it is mandatory to provide the number for the application form and the date of birth of the seeker for log in and for fixing the timings of the test.
  • Appropriate time and date should be chosen for the test according to the convenience of an individual and the following documents should be carried along with the print outs of appointment letter:
  1. Residential proofs like light bill, passport, election card or life insurance policy.
  2. Age proofs like birth certificate or certificate of school leaving.
  3. Original copies of these documents should be brought along with the photo copies where the original documents will be returned after making the necessary verifications.
  • Payment of Rs. 385 has to be made in order to receive the learner’s license and the permanent license of a two wheeler and a four wheeler non transport.

Step-wise Process for Getting Permanent Driving License

  • Download the application form and take the print of the form.
  • Filling up of the necessary details in the application form for permanent driving license.
  • Passport size photograph needs to be pasted on the application form and it is important to keep in mind that the photo should be pasted and not stapled.
  • Since the fees for attaining the driving license has already been paid, the fee receipt is important to be brought along with the filled form.
  • Everything is set for the attainment of permanent driving license and the only thing that is required to be done over here is passing the driving test.
  • However, there is one quick tip that should always be kept in mind and that keeping the age proof and the residential proof handy while trying to get the permanent driving license.
  • An individual should also remain aware of the information and the knowledge he should have regarding the driving test in order to clear the driving test successfully.

Step-wise Process for Getting International Driving License

  • For obtaining the international driving license, the following things should be there with an individual:
  1. Visa
  2. Passport
  3. Local permanent driving license
  4. Five passport size photographs
  5. Ticket
  • The form for the international driving license needs to be downloaded and the necessary details are required to be filled in properly.
  • The medical form is another added document that is mandatory to be filled in while filling the application form for the international driving license.
  • The medical form can also be downloaded in the same way as the application form for the license.
  • The fee for international driving license is Rs. 500 which is mandatory to be paid before downloading the application form for the international driving license.

Advantages of the Online System of Appointment

There are many advantages of the online system that has been introduced for obtaining application forms for different kinds of driving license in Ahmedabad. The online system of downloading forms, filling them up and then submitting them is considered to be very advantageous for the people of Ahmedabad because it saves a lot of time and at the same time it also shuns the requirement of losing a lot of energy into waiting in queues for the application forms and their submission. 

The waiting period is lessened to fifteen minutes at the office of the transport department for the issue of driving license. The new system that has been introduced has made it compulsory for people to go through an online registration for their vehicles and it is also considered to be very safe and secure for the people who possess their own vehicles.

India is fast developing and so is Ahmedabad and the other cities and states of India and therefore carrying out the process of issue of driving license online can serve to be very economical and at the same time very advantageous for the people.

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