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British Library Ahmedabad

The largest city in Gujarat is Ahmedabad which is also the capital of Gujarat. Ahmedabad was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411. When the sultan was resting near the Sabarmati River, he found a hare that was chasing a dog. This was observed by the sultan as a score of bravery and therefore he made up his mind to establish a new capital there which came to be known as Ahmedabad. The city of Ahmedabad fell in the hands of the Britishers on the 18th February 1780 due to which the First Anglo Maratha War took place and the entire state of Gujarat was given back by the Britishers to the Marathas. But again in 1818 the East India Company tried to rule superior in the region and a military cantonment was established by the Britishers in 1824, a municipality in the year 1858 and then a railway route stretching from Ahmedabad to Bombay in the year 1864. The Britishers also established many plants and industries in the city of Ahmedabad but their power was limited to the military and the administrative areas. The Britishers paved the way for education in Ahmedabad by setting up schools that were intended for the education of both boys and girls in the 19th century. There were many institutions related to the educational upliftment of the Indians that were also set up in Ahmedabad and one of the prominent institutions that possesses its mark even today is the British Library Ahmedabad.

British Council Library in Ahmedabad

Establishment and Work

The British Library Ahmedabad is a prestigious public library situated at the Bhaikaka Bhavan at Law Garden Ahmedabad 6. The opening time for the library is 11 am and it closes at 7 pm. On Mondays the library remains closed for the public. The British Library Ahmedabad is a major part of the information and library system of the British High Commission and the British Council Division in India. A total of ten cards for the library are granted to the members of the library who have the freedom to borrow twenty periodicals and twenty books within a time span of fifteen days. The members are also free to borrow videos for a day and they can also apply for library loan and participate in programs orgnised by the library such as lectures, talks and video shows. The faculties and students are also allowed to use the British Library Ahmedabad for academic purpose. However, they need to get the card for the library at the counter only then will it be possible for them to use the British Library.

Main aim of the British Library Ahmedabad

The main aim of the British Library Ahmedabad is to help organizations and professionals in building a love for books and at the same time this library also aims at catering to the needs of the people who have good interest in reading books of different kinds. The library has got an exclusive collection of books, videos, multimedia CDs and journals. The library and its staff focus on tailoring the needs of various sections of the society.
The British Library Ahmedabad is something more than just a library because this library also aims towards organizing programs that are related to personality development through lectures by personalities in this field, informative exhibitions and video shows. The library also possesses a special collection of books that helps in improvising the communication skills of the people and also aims towards the self development of the people in trying to speaking English.
The British Library Ahmedabad is genuinely for the service of the people who have a keen interest in culture, art, English language, fiction and literature, history and social sciences. The library possesses huge number of books that cover a very wide spectrum in the field of written language. The library also serves to be of good help for professionals because it has books on engineering, management, information technology, economics, technology, science, medicine and law. Not only fine books, but the library also possesses home videos, newspapers from different parts of the world, educational videos and periodicals. It offers facilities of offline and online studies that are very helpful in providing a comprehensive and holistic information service for reference, professional and recreational requirements.

The Customer Service of British Library Ahmedabad

There is an online customer service department that is run by the British Library Ahmedabad and the main aim of this customer service department is to cater to the following needs of the public and the professionals:
  • Modules on self development such as communicating effectively.
  • Modules on English language from Southampton University
  • A website that offers exercises in vocabulary development, movies, and grammar.
  • A websites that offers focused reports, short articles and various kinds of newsletters on leadership skills and management.
  • People also have access to polls, surveys and discussion forums.

Main job of the British Library Ahmedabad

One of the main jobs of the British Library Ahmedabad is the creation of opportunities for the young people so that they can develop fresh and new skills, develop a good understanding of foreign cultures, introducing a foreign or international dimension to their profession or learning and making them more qualified.

Work in the field of Art

The mission of the British Library Ahmedabad in the field of art is to come into direct contact with the audiences and entertain and inspire them by the work that the library does in the field of art.

Work in dealing with the young people

The library aims at engaging the youth in India and even across India in some programs that are intended to develop the global citizenship skills and the leadership skills of the young people.

Work in Schools

The British Library Ahmedabad also works with a number of schools in Ahmedabad and also all over India and it covers not only the public schools but even the private schools. The schools are covered by the library through events, workshops, digital resources, platforms, projects and courses.

Work in the field of raising the standards of English language

The vision of the British Library Ahmedabad is to motivate the people in achieving more for their own selves and even for their communities by bringing about an enhancement in the standards of English language.

Work related to communities

The library also works towards the welfare of the people from disadvantaged backgrounds and enables them in improvising their employability chances.

Information and Library Services

A person who becomes the member of the British Library Ahmedabad is able to gain wide access to workshops, activities and events that are specially organized and designed to meet the requirements and the needs of the public.

Teaching Courses offered here

The library is able to fully understand the requirements of the teachers and the number of challenges that the teachers face from time to time. The library is also well aware of the fact that it is not just qualification that is needed in today's world of competition. There are a range of courses offered by the library for those who have a strong desire to enter the profession of teaching and at the same time for teachers and the trainee teachers who wish to continue with their professional development. All the courses designed by the British Library Ahmedabad are delivered by experienced and highly qualified teachers of the British Council.

The Key Element

From the above illustration of the British Library Ahmedabad through a number of bold examples, it can be very clear that this library is not intended just for reading and getting informative books but at the same time the work of this library is to cater to the professional and the social needs of the public. They are not only the people who are interested in books and journals that are helped by the library but even professionals and businessmen from different sectors of the economy and people from different sectors of the society are helped in a very useful way through the services of the British Library situated in Ahmedabad. It would not be incorrect to say that the library serves as a stepping stone for people who do not have interest in reading books, journals and periodicals because it helps such people in building interests that are very helpful for their future and also for their entire health and well being. The British library can be taken as an example of meeting with the educational demand of the people and catering to these demands in such a way that people get to learn something new and something fruitful that would help them in their future and also in the field that they are working.

 Ahmedabad is a place of great beauty and culture but at the same time the educational significance of this city cannot be ignored where the British Library Ahmedabad has played a very important role. The library has been able to develop educational standards in the city and it is only because of this reason that the library is so very famous throughout the world.

British Council Library
A503-506, 5th Floor Amrapali Lakeview Tower
Near Vastrapur Lake
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-380052
Phone: 079 2646 4693
Days Open & Timings:
Tuesday to Saturday - 11am to 7pm
Sunday - 10am to 4pm
Monday Closed

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