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Ahmedabad Culture

Whichever place you travel in India, the people and their culture are found to vary, little or much. You get to see and learn about a wide variety of cultures. 

This is the advantage of living in a multi–cultural environment like India, as every new place would bring a different set of people who follow totally different cultures. Ahmedabad is a city popular for its colorful traditions, lifestyle and cuisines.

Peoples in Ahmedabad

People of Ahmedabad

People in Ahmedabad present different cultural backgrounds and ethnic diversity. They follow various religions like Hindus, Jains, Muslims, Parsis, as well as Christians and live in peace and harmony. Due to its multi – religious population, festivals of all religious groups are celebrated here with a lot of pomp and grandeur. 

Right from Uttarayan, which is the annual Kite flying festival, held in January to Christmas towards the end of the year, every festival is celebrated with equal amount of enthusiasm. Few festivals like the Navratri festival are celebrated by the people of every community. They perform Garba and enjoy the most iconic festival for which Ahmedabad is renowned for.

Artwork in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Culture

People of Ahmedabad are very artistic and that shows from the lovely handicraft goods they produce, which is sold here and always stays in demand. The bandhini, bandhej (tie and dye) and mirror work are very popular.

Most of the people here are into business. Ahmedabad is known to be the most flourishing industrial and commercial hub of the nation. It is very well known for its textile and garment industry. 

The fame achieved by the garment industry has reflected on the citizens of the city in the form of their fondness for shopping. The Law Garden Night Market is one of the most iconic shopping destinations not only for the citizens of Ahmedabad, but also for tourists visiting the city.

Lifestyle in Ahmedabad

People of Ahmedabad live life in full vigor and vitality. Most of them are into family businesses and so live as joint families. They follow all norms of a joint family, respect elders and enjoy life together, celebrating festivities and events that are marked with lots of colors and fun. 

Today, they proudly possess all traditional values blended in modern lifestyle. And that is how, they have been able to grow in all aspects, presenting Ahmedabad as a big name in the list of India's top-shot cities.

Ahmedabad Food

Ahmedabad is known as a heaven for the foodies. The food of Ahmedabad is very well known in theTraditional Food in Ahmedabad country. The Gujarati Thali is a rage among the Gujarati’s all over the world as well as among people of other communities. 

The Gujarati Thali is an amalgamation of a balanced diet which includes a vegetable, ‘Kadhi’, made out of Dahi, Rice, Papad as well as a sweet dish along with Chapatis. A staple Gujarati diet of Ahmedabad includes Thepla, Pickles, Dal Dhokli, Undhiyu and most of the delicacies carry a sweet tinge to it.

The Dhokla and Sev Khaman are delicacies that are devoured by the people of Ahmedabad as their breakfast or at all times of the day. The extensive use of ghee in the preparation of Gujarati dishes will certainly leave your mouth watering even at their plain mention. 

Since majority of the population of Ahmedabad consists of the Hindus and Jains, most of the Gujarati dishes are vegetarian. However, the non – vegetarians do have their share of the staple non – vegetarian diet in restaurants of the city. However, most of the households follow the vegetarian diet.

The cuisines of Ahmedabad are famous all around the world. You will always find a large crowd of people gathered outside a restaurant or even a roadside stall.

The people, the cuisine, everything just is in line in Ahmedabad to make you fall in love with this place. The people will leave you with sweet memories while the food will leave you with a sweet taste.

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